To provide a high quality product for the denim clothes manufacturer. This will allow them to create highly successful collections for their domestic and international fashion market.

We take advantage of the strengths, high quality products and latest fabric technologies of the best denim producers in Mexico and the rest of the world. This is the way we develop our exclusive collections. We integrate the most attractive product proposal available in the market. Through this strategy, we achieve to become the number one denim fabric trading company in Mexico.



We are committed to a scale of values that define us.





We are aware of the need of transparency in our professional practices. Our employees and customers must feel confident and comfortable with the work environment that we provide as a company. We have strict control of our financial and commercial processes. We are a solid and legally established company with honest business practices.



We provide only the best to our customers. We won´t accept less than this. We are committed to always star in vanguard. No one will provide a better line of products or better attention to a customer than us.




We believe in the strength of collective work. We are totally confident in our human resources capabilities. We value and encourage the professional development in the workplace, always seeking an environment of respect and genuine interest for each other.



We are committed to a maximum reduction of wastes in our work places. The use of renewable energies is a constant that we seek to implement in our daily operations.



We believe in the competitive strengths of our country. We have always trusted in the national talent and invested on it. We are convinced that Mexico’s denim industry has all the necessary elements to offer high quality products at very competitive prices to the global market.



In order to encourage civil society development, Misutex joined to the “Productive projects for low income women” project.


Misutex pursues to achieve an integral development and empowerment for these women. In this program they recieve intensive courses in administration, marketing and personal empowering. The final output is to generate business models that can provide an income for their families.   


We care for our hometown. We invest in Guadalajara disadvantaged areas in order to decrease multidimensional poverty and improve their family lifestyles.